Johannes Pong

Born in the United States and raised in Hong Kong, Johannes has had an intimate relationship with music since early childhood. Starting with choirs in church and school, he then performed in coffee houses in the United States during college. With a degree from the US and Japan, he returned to Hong Kong for postgraduate studies, but switched to full-time singing and lyric writing. Fluent in five languages and able to sing in at least ten, Johannesí cultural and linguistic influences allow him to honor the integrity of each vernacular.

With his first CD Novissima Cantonica, Johannes intends to change the Cantonese music scene in Hong Kong. His music appropriates elements of rock, bossa nova, jazz, and 60ís soul and funk, and reworks these into a very accessible new sound.

Johannes wants to be more than a new style of cantopop singer. He has more ambitious plans and his language skills allow him to naturally cross barriers. He is now working on his second album, which will contain a mixture of Japanese, English, Mandarin and more.


創新的音樂風格﹕滙入搖滾樂;爵士、Bossa nova,及60年代 Soul & funk 各樂韻元素,不但希望第一隻個人大碟「粵語新聞」能春香港現時廣東話樂壇來一些新景象、更期望籍着對語文的認識,其音樂能切實跨越語言的障礙。



Johannes Pong: Discography
  Novissima Cantonica Released May 2001