The Hong Kong Silicon Orchestra

Two people dreaming in music through computers, and trying to comprehend life through sound.
Robert Stone

Composer, producer and believer in possibilities.

  Instruments: Roland XP-30 64 Voice Keyboard Synthesizer; Alesis DM5 Drum Synthesizer; Yamaha VL-70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator.
  Influences: Coltrane/Davis, The Velvet Underground, Manuel de Falla.
  Insight: The postmodern era began the moment after which nothing remained the same.
Gordon Mathews

Multi-instrumentalist and improviser. A recent arrival at the digital frontier.

  Instruments: Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller; Yamaha VL-70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator.
  Influences: Progressive jazz of the 1960s, such as Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman. Then, shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute) on to an exploration of digital possibilities.
  Insight: It all comes out silent in the end: From nothing to something to nothing.


The Hong Kong Silicon Orchestra: Discography
  Deep Time Released April 2002
  Tasty Tunes for Trying Times Released November 2001